Jodie and Christopher Cason

Petroleum Club of Houston

History of the Club

The Petroleum Club of Houston is the consequence of the vision, vigorous effort, and accomplishment. The vision was shared originally by Wilbur Ginther, Howard C. Warren, and Harris Underwood. The effort was expended by a score of men, and the accomplishment is one of the nation's finest, most attractive clubs, towering above Houston's busy commercial avenues.

The inspiration for an exclusive, handsome club of and for men of the oil industry was crystallized on January 31, 1946, when the Petroleum Club's charter was secured from the State of Texas.

Signatories of the charter were R. E. Chambers, Frank Donohue, Vernon W. Frost, W. L. Ginther, Ford Hubbard, B. A. Killson, E. E. Pickering, Jr., Harris Underwood, A. W. Waddill, and Howard C. Warren. These men and others such as Larry Leyendecker, spent the balance of that year discussing their plans with executives in all phases of the oil industry.

At the outset, Harris Underwood was elected President. A. W. Waddill and E. E. Pickering, Jr. were elected Secretary. The first minutes on record of a meeting were dated February 10, 1947. By the end of that year, the ranks had expanded substantially and an Executive Committee, composed of the Club officers, including Frank P. Donohue as Treasurer, was empowered to act for the general membership.


800 Bell St # 4300
Houston, TX 77002